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Good day Dear Girls! I wish Happiness to all of you today!!!

Today we are going to look deeper into this beautiful concept that women are precious gems.

We women are born as these precious stones. Every one of us. As we already have all the necessary qualities that come in handy in life. We are all different – there are emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. At the same time we are already born as beautiful stones and not just a piece which is not clear and needs hard work of refinement.
Each stone has its own peculiarities. There are very fragile stones and there are very strong. There are those which have great purity, and those which have a very deep color. There are those in which each crack becomes a beautiful ornament. There are those which beautiful with lots of edges. We are all different. Unique. Special. But all – valuable. Precious. So there is a high price to pay.
But we do not understand the price. We do not see anything special in any of its versatility, nor splendor, nor color; we are looking at neighboring emeralds and worry that our stone is very simple and white. White but shiny as a diamond! We would like, for some reason, emerald’s fragility and their color. And dignity seems to be impaired.

But the sad thing happens when we “go out to people”. We begin to build the relationships. Demonstrate your stone and – “sell it”. In exchange for love and care. Some stones are very expensive to buy, they are well taken care of and cherished. They are in the best place. They are always worn. While others are not so lucky. They are forgotten, treated dismissively, dropped, thrown away…

Why? Why the owner of the stone doesn’t realize that he is holding a diamond in his hands? Will he appreciate this stone? Or hang it as a weight on his fishing-rod? Will he take care of it? After all something which was taken free of charge – usually not appreciated! Quite contrary. It may be perceived as a burden. Man, after all, was not going to buy anything, didn’t need him any stone. But he was persuaded, talked into buying it, forced.

What to do? Even if everyone is screaming that prices are falling, even if such stones are not in the price, you can just wait for a buyer. To be in those places where the real art lovers are found to communicate with each other. And one day someone will see your stone and take it, not even trying to discount the cost, will take with full price! Because he will see and appreciate the uniqueness.

Then who creates the problem of improper attitude toward women? Ourselves. With our own fear of being useless and being left alone. With our desire to be like someone else. We impose ourselves to men. We do everything for someone to love us! We give ourselves to the first man who was just passing by, even when he doesn’t need it. We ourselves give rise to a man to treat us this way because we forget that we are rubies, diamonds, aquamarines, emeralds…

Now days it’s very difficult to find the protection. Sometimes women have to defend themselves. Most importantly – do not lose this feeling! Feel your personal values! A woman’s values! You already have everything you need. Something hidden, something asleep, something at this point in a bit mangled form. But this is not a death sentence. Not a diagnosis. Not the end!

In any case it can be a beautiful start! Start your new chapter in life in self -awareness. Where you remember that God has created you and why. GIVE BEAUTY AND LIGHT TO THIS WORLD! To love and to radiate love! As the stones reflect the sun’s rays as well women reflect God’s love for his loved ones!

Value yourself! No matter what the situation now you may be in, you are always unique and special. Good. Worthy. Loved. Even if for thirty years you have been thinking about yourself as a cobblestone that only good for paving. Even if your face is no longer shining, because you are no longer taking care of it. Even if you think that your stone surrounded by dirt and dust has lost its purity and depth. Even if your stone has been thrown away a few times in life.

All these facts and events do not detract from your value! All this has happened to you because you forgot the most important thing. You are a real treasure, a walking treasure. Inside you have everything you need. Do you need to wash your stone and clean it to shine? All you need is a good cut and a valuable setting! Learn to be a woman with self-esteem!

God has put all His best in a woman! God created a real jewel! He succeeded at His best! So why are we so cruel and heartless to his creation?

This beautiful concept and article was taken from one of my Vedic Teachers Olga Valyaeva. Here is a link to her website where you can find this full article in Russain.