Good morning!

Today I am sharing thoughts straight from My Morning Pages Diary. Thanks to Julia Cameron. She is the reason I have one.

For some reason my morning thoughts are the most authentic and clear! I wake up, wash my face, and brush my teeth, go downstairs. I open my Diary and at the same time make myself a cup of aromatic jasmine green tea. This is how I start my new day.
I am still 35 years old. I am still in my mid thirties! One more month! One more month of Youth. Of course there is some self- irony in this!  I do not consider myself aging and I do look healthy, young and beautiful.This is not it…

Just sometimes we want so bad for time to stop! We are happy and we want to stay in this moment! We want summer all year long or it least warm and beautiful fall… We hope. Or we want to stay with our loved ones longer or to live by the ocean.
Why we cannot live in a moment?
We simply do not know how. So maybe it should become a subject in high school? Should we not teach our children not only to be aimed for future and be successful in the future but also at the same time we should teach them to listen to their own hearts and live in a moment?
Teach them to listen to birds singing, swishing of the leaves, crashing ocean waves and their own inner little voices. Teach them how to be true to yourself.
I always passionately stare at the blue sky, trying to catch the fast changing colors in my mind. I love clouds. I love Utah’s sky! And there is no camera that would be able to catch the beauty of the endless majestic sky!!! As an artist I absorb the colors “into my own skin”.
How lucky we are to have such a sky in Utah and so many days of totally blue sky? As if somebody painted it! Paradise! Such a Blessing!

Today again my morning starts with inspiration, gratitude and love! I am so grateful that I just simply LIVE!
Our life sometimes reminds me of a race. We are running, we are working two jobs. Work. Home. Gym. Pick up the kids. Sleep. Work. Home. Gym. Pick up the kids. Visit parents. And so on… We are always in a hurry…
Our children pick up our pace. We do not know how to be in silence for longer periods of time. We feel anxiety if we forget our cell phones. We do not know how to simply be. We are chasing and racing our goals before we have a chance to get to know ourselves!
That’s why sometimes very successful people – lawyers, executives, accountants suddenly drop they careers and start painting, composing music, going to Himalayas or even dare to take a trip around the world! Because they understand suddenly ,together with first grey hair , that they are living somebody else’s life!

Learn to listen to Yourself!
Learn to listen to Silence!
Learn to meditate!

Because to hear your inner voice is so much easier in Silence! If you keep ignoring it, if you keep ignoring yourself, your beautiful quiet inner voice will break into a loud scream, into a scream of your Soul!

Please be careful and gentle with yourself! Open yourself to Peace!

I wish Happiness to Everyone!

My living room always so full of Light!