A Woman is a Source of Energy

IMG_6783.JPG 🌞Good day dear Girls! Take a day off even if you can not afford to! Be good to yourself today! A woman is like “a vase”. Full or empty. Well rested and full of energy woman can do so much more for loved ones! Ancient knowledge has taught us that a woman is a Source of Energy universally and in a family, like a battery. A man is “a computer”, “an amazing machinery” who is taking his powers from a woman. A man has only two main sources of charging his batteries. First source is solitude, conversations with God, meditation or a prayer. Second is from a woman. That’s why it is so important that a woman would always accumulate her energy, would always be happy, full, emit light and goodness wherever she goes. Especially at her own home. Creating atmosphere in the house is the primary duty of a woman. That’s why a woman needs to be always pampered and charged! Because our Main Mission on this earth as women is to create love and give love! Be the source! So eat some chocolate even if is not recommended! Soak yourself into a bath full of aroma soap, rose petals and light up candles! Read your favorite book or watch a movie! Stop everything even if you are not supposed to! Indulge yourself! Take a vacation for a few hours! You deserve it!