In marriage there are times when we want to fly and there are times when we are down… And during those sad times a terrible thought might come to our minds… “If I marry another guy my life would be so much better…”

Happiness in a family starts when a woman decides: “My husband is the best husband in the world! I do not need another man!” That is simple on one hand and on the other it is difficult to always think that way.

There is a very simple and very powerful exercise we can all do today to make our marriage even more beautiful, stronger, and open. Take it to the whole new level of trust and openness.

This exercise is “a Gratitude Journal”. It takes 5 minutes of your day to write down 10 things you are feeling grateful for today, about what your husband did for you, gratitude for your children, maybe for your parents or for your friends. I like to write my Diary in the mornings and I write things down for the previous day.

I prefer handwriting but you can do it on your computer, phone or iPad. Typing also works. But before you decide how you do it – type or write. Allow me tell you something about writing. What does handwriting do to our mind? The act of writing helps to clarify your thoughts, remember things better, makes learning process consistently better. In biology writing stimulates cells in our brain that are responsible to filter everything your brain needs to process, giving more importance to the things you are focusing at the moment. In “Write it down, Make it Happen”, author Henriette Klauser says: “Once you write down a goal, your brain will be working overtime to see, you get it, and will alert you to the signs and signals…” So as you can see writing helps us to achieve our goals.

Nowadays there are many different gratitude journals apps, you can simply download one on your phone and use it.

Our goal is to love even deeper, focusing on positive moments in our life, on positive feelings, on things we have instead of things we do not have. We are going to look at the bright side always! Every day! We will try! This exercise must be done for a month minimum.

Here are some examples:

I am grateful for my husband that we have home!

I am grateful for my husband’s love!

I am grateful that my husband is working so hard for us!

I am grateful that he helped me with groceries today!

I am grateful that he opened a door for me!

You can also add some universal feelings!

I am grateful to God that I simply LIVE!

I am grateful that the Sun is shining!

Be creative, take a moment to think what’s so wonderful and good happened to you today? What’s new?

For some women it might be difficult to do this at first if they never had a habit of trying to be more positive or didn’t have a habit to write things down. For others it might be easier. If it flows from you – let it flow! But minimum of 10! All of it is good! This exercise alone sometimes might heal the marriage! It will make the great marriage even better, fantastic and more joyful! Even after a few days of the diligent practice you will feel the difference of the positive energy in your home. I also encourage you to say those things to your hubby! Men love praise! Tell him how special he is every day because he IS special – YOU chose him! Acknowledge him! For ordinary and small things as if they are extraordinary!

In Yoga we say: “Wherever your eyes go, your mind goes.” So look at the bright side!!! Carefully watch and look for his advantages, his strong features, cherish his dreams! You will be surprised how much he has given you already and keeps giving! Love your husband even more! Open your eyes and heart to him!

Make your every day – a day of gratitude! Cultivate and nurture your new way of thinking!

If you decide to do it and miss one day or two because of traveling, or kids, or helping others. Do not be so hard on yourself! It is okay! As women first of all we should be forgiving and loving to ourselves. Just count 30 days total of writing days and notice how you feel after.:)

Scientific studies have reported many times over the years the impressive benefits to the simple act of writing down the things for which we are grateful. Benefits like better sleep, fewer symptoms of illness, more joy and happiness.

I wish Happiness to all of you! And I will be so happy to read your stories when you are done! It might inspire more girls all around us and the world will become the happier place!

Together we can do more!