According to the Vedic Knowledge, the divine feminine energy or Shakti – is the foundation of the entire Universe. It is a creative feminine energy that gives man the powers that guide them to great achievements.

It is believed that one’s soul before coming to this Earth chooses the body – male or female. If the woman’s body was chosen, it means the soul came here to solve tasks of a woman. To live a life as a woman.

For most modern women their feminine soul remains closed. Why?

We have created the kind of life, which is dominated by male values.

From a very early age in school we are taught dedication, diligence, ability to think logically, clearly and quickly express our thoughts. These are all male qualities. We also are taught the ability to survive in difficult situations, to have a strong character, and not to be afraid of competition. We are preparing for a life in a man’s world, to live with masculine values. Because the world is living in a man’s values and rules.

As women we overvalue masculinity, we spend too much time working and very little time resting, taking vacations, and spontaneously connecting with others. We spend very little time on creativity or connecting with nature.

A man’s world – a world of power.

A woman’s world – the world of her Soul.

The values in the man’s world are success and achievements in the material world. We value a man by his accomplishments. And we value a woman by her accomplishments too. She has been accomplished and created “as a man” in material world. But the value of a woman is not there. It is in her divine feminine energy, in her soul, it’s not material. It is counted by the amount of goodness she left behind and how many other souls have been saved and warmed by her touch.


taken and translated from Maria Mavela