Today before the weekend I would like to invite you to see how simple it is to be more feminine right this very moment!! This Weekend! Just simply by wearing a skirt!

Every person consists of two energies masculine and feminine and they define who they are. These opposite energies are necessary to embody to feel like a complete person. Since our World is tending and leaning towards masculine energies, we as women should not forget about our authentic nature and be gentle to ourselves. We are always feeling tired, because we simply walk “a man’s life”. We are choosing our jobs and professions, where logic and mind dominate. Because we want to be successful in this material world. We do not trust that our husbands can give us protection and enough money. We do not believe in our husbands! We do not believe that they are capable of so much more then they do!!! We are “stealing their energy” and starting to lead our families. And then, we cannot wait until Friday comes! We are tired, stressed, exhausted!

We forget about our hearts. To live in a harmony with our own hearts is the most important thing to do. To love and feel loved is what our hearts long for..

Wearing a skirt creates peace in your home.

Here is how to feel more feminine and happier right away – to wear a skirt! Or a dress! To dress like a woman that you are!
This is the most simple and obvious way on one hand but very important on the other hand and it is very often ignored. Why do we ignore it? Why do we wear skirts only to church or funeral or theater? And as soon as it is over we are rushing to change into something comfortable… something men would wear. Because we have so much to do and it is easier? Something’s easier is not always right or good for you. A woman is collecting her energy from Mother Earth from her root chakra and it is very important to be open there, to wear clothes that are not blocking any movements of this energy. Nothing should be constricting.

In fighting for equal rights we lost our femininity. Equal rights are very important and still an issue in modern world. We won a right to wear pants in this fight. Did it make us feel happy?

Wearing a skirt will immediately help you to feel more feminine and maybe even more vulnerable. It might feel awkward, not comfortable, you are so used to pants and jeans. If it feels too weird at first, please, do not be afraid. Just notice this new feeling. Nurture it. Carefully watch rebirth of your feminine side. Start with leggings and flowy tunic. Maybe something with feminine pattern.

You might notice that your pace is slowing down and you will plan less this weekend. You might notice that your movements will become more fluid, smoother, and more feminine. I notice that when I am wearing a skirt or a dress – it is harder for me to argue with my husband and easier to take his side, to understand him better. It creates more peace in our home. He loves it!

I am emphasizing your attention that it is important to wear a skirt at home not when you are going out only! The most beautiful woman should be at home for her husband and loved ones in her own kitchen. Nowadays it is quite opposite.

I wish all of you amazing weekend!

I wish all of you more peace!

I wish all of you Happiness!

P.S. I have included a picture of me playing with a puppy and the picture of my adorable friend Lena and her family!