Today I am writing about how to simply feel more feminine right away. We all know that everything is energy. Our thoughts have energy, they bring positive and negative emotions, they might bring light or darkness in life of others. It is important to notice your thoughts, your beliefs and attitude about life. They direct your actions.

If you do not take good care of yourself – you are empty and tired. It means you have nothing to give to others.

And at this moment your primary duty is to make up your feminine energy. There are hundreds of ways of getting in touch with your feminine side and anchoring in it. Some ways you can do immediately while others take time of planning and some financial involvement. In this entry I will introduce you or remind you of the first 7!

  1. Speak a word of kindness

Audrey Hepburn used to say: “For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
 For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people”. You will be surprised to see that people are more aware of their disadvantages or shortcomings verses the greatness and their talents. They simply do not see their own talents. Try to find something good about everybody you meet. A genuine compliment will always be appreciated! A false one will always be felt in the heart as false. For example instead of saying – “You look good!” – say, “ I love the way you compliment the colors! You are so talented in fashion! “ Talk about people’s actions. Thank someone who helped you in the past, write a thank you note. Open your feelings! Tell them how it made you feel and how grateful you still are!

Pay attention to the words you are saying. It is believed in Vedas that if the speech of a woman is clean and beautiful, lacking swear words – her soul, thoughts and actions are pure. Everything you say and the way you speak has a tremendous impact on others.

  1. Buy fresh flowers for yourself

Flowers have an immediate impact on happiness. Your home is an extension of your body and spirit. Decorate your home with flowers. Fill your home with flowers!

There are thousands of studies proving that flowers restore positive energy and have healing power. Do not wait till your husband or boyfriend will buy flowers for you. Waiting creates negative energy and frustration.

Buy a bouquet you like for yourself! Even if you think it looks silly! Consider it as a step towards loving yourself more! Create a habit to buy flowers for yourself a couple of times a month. Your husband will notice it. It takes time. It will teach him and show him how much you love and appreciate those fragile creations and he might get them to you more often. Don’t we all wish for our men to spoil us more often?

  1. Buy and bring flowers to your girlfriend

No reason. Pick a friend, who needs love and attention the most at this moment. Ask your heart and you will get an answer. Flowers increase intimate relationship and connection between a giver and a receiver. Lighten up somebody’s day! It will make you both feel more happy and feminine right away. Share healing energy of flowers! 

  1. Take a Gentle Yoga class

It is better if a yoga teacher is a woman and the majority of people in the room are women. It is a form of communication for women. A woman is very sociable by her nature and she restores her energy simply by communicating and doing activities together with other women. They nurture and share energy with each other in the room.

That’s why visiting a yoga class is more beneficial verses doing it at home, which is also very good if you have a lack of time.

If an instructor is a man and you love it – it is also good!

  1. Talk to your best girlfriend for an hour or two

Talk to her without thinking that you are wasting your time. Because you are not. As I mentioned before a woman is usually very social (or talkative). Psychological study proved that an ordinary woman has to say 1’300 words a day minimum to feel normal and calm, to sleep better, to feel happy.

When a woman is sad – she is seeking someone to talk to. When a woman is happy she is seeking someone to talk to again. When a man is sad, he is processing everything inside, he is seeking to be alone.

Please feel free to talk about your worries, hesitations, and any emotions to your best friend before you unload all of it on your poor tired husband when he comes home from work. So after you are done reading this, call your best friend and share this wonderful news!

  1. Go into nature

Walk with your bare feet on the grass in your backyard. Walking bare feet is considered to be very grounding because you immediately absorb energy from “Mother Earth”. Go to the park. The places like forests, parks, and ocean are so abundant with feminine energy. Because the nature is always here to support us, to love us. Mother Earth is always here to take care of her children. Allow divine feminine energy to revitalize your body, restore it. Tell her that you have been waiting for her and graciously accept her into your being.

  1. Get a massage

We do not value enough massage in our life. We think that we do not have time and money for it. Every time when we go and get a wonderful experience from a massage, we promise ourselves to get it more often. And than life continues and we forget.   An hour of massage a week can help you tremendously feel better. Start with an hour massage a month at any massage chain close to your home. They are everywhere and very handy and some places offer lower prices or a contract to make it more affordable and enjoyable.

It is very important to find the right touch of a massage for a woman. For me it took about 6 people, before I found mine! My masseur, Ryan has blessed hands! I always feel like a new person and so ready to care, please and comfort others and to share the light.

Wishing Happiness to You!

P.S. The pictures I have attached are a painting of roses I did this weekend, of me in my art room this morning and a picture of amazing yellow aspens with a gorgeous blue sky in the background, that was taken on the drive back home from Bear Lake with my husband.