Last night I felt very nostalgic and allowed my mind to slip into the past… Remembering all the beautiful moments, amazing trips to unknown countries, love, pain, happiness, difficult times and moments of truth, seeing life for the first time beyond the limits of my home town and country, seeing different life outside of the Iron Curtain (The Soviet). Those emotions and feelings were so powerful! The life abroad was so different than I could have ever imagined. Remembering London, Paris, Barcelona..

I still can not let things go.

I want to learn how to live a life without pain, anguish and sorrow. But what if our pain, anguish and sorrow are just emotions and feelings, that are necessary for us to understand ourselves? What if they help us to learn life fully? What if they help us to understand others better when they are sad or feel angry or down. Without knowing those emotions ourselves we wouldn’t be able to understand others.

I think and truly believe that they do help us! They help us to be more compassionate to ourselves and others, more forgiving.They help us to grow.

Feeling sad is okay!
Feeling angry is okay!
Missing someone is okay!

As long as you acknowledge that the feelings come and go… And it’s ok to feel sad today because tomorrow there might be a happy feeling!

There are times to be full of joy and happiness and there are times to be sad…

Wishing Happiness to You!