When a woman gets married or commits herself to a serious relationship, she starts thinking only about the object of her affection – her man. A woman concentrates her energy on a man. Even when she spends time with her girlfriends, the conversations are only about him. Interests and hobbies are often neglected or even disappear. She might lose her interest in work. A woman is thinking about her relationship, where they are going, what will be their future. All woman’s power, her whole mental flow is directed at her man.

And the man often cannot withstand such pressure, in such a relationship. It becomes crowded and he wants to run away somewhere at least to catch his breath from the love of his woman.

A woman has the reverse process: the more she thinks about her man, the more she gets attached, and the more she wants to be with him.

At this stage many relationships break down because a man needs not only be embraced by a woman’s love and affection; he also needs freedom. For men freedom is extremely important. If a woman concentrates her energy only on one man, she has a serious chance to go crazy with her enormous energy.

When the children appear, all mental flow of a woman is now directed to her children. Often a husband gets neglected as a man; a woman starts looking at her husband as “a resource” for happy and successful future of her kids. She cannot leave him alone. She needs to know where he is every minute. She becomes obsessively controlling. And a man cannot breath again in such condition. He is not admired any more! He is now a protector and a provider.

Many families fall apart.

What can we do?

Of course the thoughts about a man and about the children cannot be suppressed and it is not necessary. For centuries, women were engaged in the creative process and it helped them to calm down their minds. It helped a woman to direct her enormous energy into a good, kind direction. Into direction of improving the relationship, supporting her husband in his development and progress.

A Hobby is unlimited source of energy

To have a hobby for a woman is extremely important, to have a passion for something else besides her family is very fulfilling for her; it makes her feel happy and brings peace to her home.

When a woman creates something, her thoughts and energy focus on the creation. She dissolves in creation of her masterpieces. She creates beauty. She fills her home with love. She experiences positive, soothing emotions and everything evolves with soft and comfortable energy for everyone.

One who controls the mind controls the life! 

In addition creative process not only soothes the mind, but also manages it. And one who can control the mind controls the life!

There are so many kinds of hobbies for women like embroidery, stitching, knitting, cooking from scratch, baking, painting and drawing, playing music, singing, photography,  any kind of design, especially home design…

In my next entry we will have a closer look at all of them and their meaning in a woman’s life.

I personally noticed that the more feminine I become and open myself to my true nature the more I want to create! As if I found unlimmited source of energy and inspiration! Womanhood and creativity are connected and come from the same source.

Wishing Happiness to you!

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Sending love and special thanks to Julia Sudakova, she inspired me to write this article.