“I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone across the water and create many ripples” – Mother Theresa.

I hope the thoughts I write today will not only be interesting for women but for men too. Women and men – we all share this planet Earth. Our happiness depends on how we treat each other. Women have forgotten how to be helpless and vulnerable and men have forgotten how to be strong and protective.

I woke up very early. I couldn’t sleep because this article was swirling around in my head. It was a complete and finished piece waiting to be shared. I actually was not planning on writing anything today; I wanted to have a day of silence, no news, no TV, no social media, no friends. But I simply could not wait!

A Woman Is The Source Of Energy

If we women become softer and if we treat ourselves with dignity and always keep in mind the bigger picture that a woman is a source of energy on this Earth. If we stop arguing and learn how to listen to our men, if we become more patient, more loving, disempower our ego and open our hearts to kindness and forgiveness. If we stop competing with our men – the Universe will start spinning into a different direction. Our husbands, fathers, brothers, boyfriends, colleagues and even strangers will become stronger, more powerful, more ambitious, and more grateful. They will want to protect us! They will want to achieve more! They will want our dreams to come true!

It will take time but the world will become a happier place. If we only allow our men to be what they were meant to be – men!

Changing the world always needs volunteers

I would like to share how I was learning to get in touch with my feminine side. I was attending an online seminar on “how to be happy as a woman”. I was given a task and this is the experiment that was offered to me by a Vedic Psychologist Ruslan Narushevich.

At the airport when I was travelling from Russia to the USA, I had 2 layovers and I had a lot of stuff with very heavy bags. My first task for this experiment was this:
Every time at the beginning of the stairs I was supposed to stay and wait for any man to help me bring them up. I was in a hurry, but I still wanted to try this. I was shy but wanted to try.

So I stopped at the first stairs. I was afraid to look silly. Because the crowd was rushing up and I was in the way. It took courage to stop! And I did, I started to look around helplessly (it was a part of my task). In less then 10 seconds a young man offered me to help and grabbed both of my suitcases and we both went up the stairs. I carried nothing and he was happy helping!!! There were a lot of stairs so we could talk a little and he was so nice to me, and in the end he wished me a safe trip and gave me a warm and kind smile, and faded away. I felt amazing! I went on my next flight enjoying being a weaker woman and when I saw the next flight of stairs I was not shy any more. There was another challenge – I was the only one there! What do I do? Oh, yes, I remembered another feminine virtue – patience and I started to wait, in about 1 minute, two men were approaching me. And I was looking at them and around helplessly, one of them offered help, it was an older man, so I hesitated but he insisted and I allowed him. We both went up and he was kind to me and looked at me with eyes of a father. He said that he has 3 daughters and I reminded him of one of them. We wished each other good day and went to our different planes. I was completely amazed how I felt. As if little miracles were happening to me that day. I was 32 years old and had traveled many times before and very rarely men helped me! BECAUSE I was not looking!! I was trying to be self-sufficient; I was trying to create a face as if the bag was not even heavy. For what? I was pondering. It was an epiphany for me that day.

Now I am more excited to travel because I know there is always help, if my eyes and heart are open, even if I have to travel alone and my amazing husband has to stay home.

We, women need to learn again how to become helpless and vulnerable and our men will automatically learn back how to be responsible and protect us!

We need to stop waiting for our men to change! Waiting creates negative frustration and empty expectations. We need to start the change today! Right this very moment! Take small steps and become a better version of us! Create a new thinking and new attitude!

Wishing Happiness to You!


Man and woman hugging