One of my girlfriends was complaining about her husband and I saw her tears, she was barely holding them in. In her words he was passive, lazy, and didn’t make enough money…

Instead she should be thinking about: “Why did I attract precisely this man in my life?” “Why did I marry this guy?” “What part of me invited this exact man to my life years ago?” At one point of her life he was the one and only for her!
She was complaining. I know it is hard to take responsibility for your own actions. I am not perfect either and complain about my husband too. And I notice that and try to control my thoughts and redirect them into positive thinking. It is easy to see disadvantages but it takes training to see life positively, to see hidden goodness and maintain this positive thinking.

Our partners are a reflection of us. Our Mirrors. 

Her thoughts were: “He needs to change!” Doesn’t that thought come upon all of us once in a while? Instead we should all think: “Maybe If I change he would change too? If I make steps towards that he would too? Maybe I should start with myself?”

I believe all marriages happen in Heaven, even the ones which are not registered in the church. When a woman gets married and takes her husband’s name – a family is created! From now on a woman and a man are one energy. One subtle body. One whole. One unit. That’s why we cannot say that my husband is wrong. It would be better to say: how did we both get here, what did we both do. What did we both create?

A woman thinks: “He needs to change.”

A man thinks: “She needs to change.”

And the ship is going nowhere.

Negative expectations have been created on both sides and there is no peace in a family and no happiness.

It is very simple on one hand and difficult on the other hand.

The first thing to do and it’s very important is to stop complaining.

When we are complaining about our husbands, they are loosing their power. They become vulnerable as if they do not have their protective screen. A man might not know about it but he certainly feels that. He feels that he is not your hero any longer. He feels failure and your disappointment. He feels unspoken vibes. His power to achieve in material world is strongly diminishing. His power to lead and take responsibily for the family is destroyed by your negative thinking.

The second thing to do is for a woman to perform a woman’s responsibilities. And for a man to perform a man’s responsibilities.

There will be a separate topic about it. Right now I am just touching this subject.

The most important responsibility of a wife is to ALWAYS be thinking about her husband positively, always thinking “my husband is the best man in the world for me”. Even when things are not so great.

If a woman fails in this responsibility everything else won’t matter: good cooking, great sex life, clean house or being a good wife and a best mother..

If a woman fails to think that way, she is depriving her husband of a vital energy, she is depriving him of his high potentials.

Everything men do they do it for us, women. And if a husband is lazy, it means that his wife doesn’t inspire him. To make a man move from a comfy sofa a woman needs to become his muse, a woman of HIS DREAMS. To make a man move and provide for his family a woman needs to become fragile, vulnerable, and humble and always think good and positive about her husband or boyfriend. Be thankful and caring.

In reality things are quite opposite – a woman gets married, gives birth to a child and then she thinks that her man has to do anything she wants, has to please her, has to provide, has to be controlled. BUT!!! Nobody is obligated to do anything for anybody.

We came into this world voluntarily to be with each other.

We came into this world to be happy together.

We came into this world to love each other, to support each other and not to use each other.

We came into this world to HELP each other.

Wishing Happiness to you!