We all consist of two-energies, the moon and the sun energy. The Moon energy is considered to be feminine and The Sun energy is considered to be masculine. Together they form the Kundalini, which is like a spiral of energy that flows the length of the human spine. There are two nerve-currents one on each side of the spinal column. The left one is called Ida and the right is known as Pingala. These are Nadis (energy channels). They are subtle tubes that carry Prana (energy). The Moon moves in the Ida and the Sun in the Pingala. Ida is cooling. Pingala is heating.

Having both energies in a human body should bring us to a certain balance. We can all see for example if a woman is a leader and is very responsible, goal-oriented – it means she dominates the Sun energy and develops masculine qualities.

Let’s take another example: “Responsibility”. As a quality it should belong to a man, not a woman. When a man is asking a woman to be responsible for her words it means he doesn’t know or he doesn’t understand who he truly is and whom he is talking to. A woman by her nature doesn’t have to be responsible for her words, not at all. A man has to be responsible for his words, if a man promises something, he has to make things happen. Women intuitively know about it.

It is very interesting that a man is progressing as an individual when he practices austerity or celibacy or simply works hard and takes care of his family. For a man those things are very important, because he will get everything else by himself. Only a strong man has strong results.

It is a matter of fact that a woman loves a man more when he is not strongly attached to her.  Because he is a strong man. She feels his powers over her.

When a man is very attached to a woman, she thinks he is weak and might lose interest.

The more masculine a man is, the easier it is for him to deal with woman’s emotions. The more engaged he is, the easier life is with him. Because he is strong, firm, and responsible. A woman can easily cry on a shoulder of such a man, she can whine and complain. She can call him names but he will remain calm. He is always calm. The reason – he doesn’t depend on a woman’s mood. For him, providing for his family is his first priority along with engaging in the community.

When a man is thinking too much about a woman, he is getting attached to her and he becomes emotional. The mind of a woman is not stable; it moves like waves, it depends on the Moon changes. The mind of a woman changes every second. That’s why a woman needs stability; she needs a real man, not a henpecked-man. A real man doesn’t have mood swings. He is stable and strong emotionally like a rock. If a man is very attached to his wife, his mood becomes changeable; it changes if his wife’s mood changes.

A woman is controlling the mood of the whole family. In the house everything has a woman’s touch, everything has a woman’s nature. A woman totally controls the atmosphere in the house and also the mood. If a woman has a bad mood it means everybody in the house has a bad mood, her kids, her pets. Her mood is spreading on everyone, even if she keeps silent and tries to hide it. Her husband comes home and what does he see? What does he feel? He comes to her and asks her: “What’s the matter? What’s wrong?” She responds: “ Did I say anything to you?” She doesn’t need to say anything. He feels it already even before he asks. A husband and wife are connected. A man wants to come home to a place of rest but he cannot, because a woman created such an atmosphere.

Why does a man depend on a woman? Why does a man react to her mood in the house? Because he has lost himself. He doesn’t have enough strength. He doesn’t have enough strength to be independent from her.

He doesn’t have enough of the Sun energy. He has lost it so he doesn’t have enough masculine strength. Because he doesn’t have it, a woman doesn’t feel secure with him. Scandals arise. A man is nagging constantly and they start to complain about each other.

A woman’s mood is constantly changing. Even simply because the Moon is changing. A real man should not depend on her mood. He should be like a rock. Vedas compare man’s character with the shore and woman’s character with the river. Wherever the river goes, the shore has to stay unmovable, high. If a man depends on a woman too much, he becomes weak. He starts to gravitate to sensuality. He starts seeking for more sexual pleasure, more watching TV, more computer games, more alcohol. He starts seeking for simple pleasures.

Alcohol has a feminine energy. Many men like to drink because it brings immediate happiness; they want to feel happy without working towards happiness. They ignore austerity, which is sternness, Gravity, self-discipline, sobriety, chastity. All strong masculine qualities. They have lost it along the way or simply never tried to practice them.

What does a real man’s character mean? What are his priorities? First – exercise, willpower, austerity, business, career, and happiness after all. And if a man drinks alcohol, he gets a temporary happiness right away. It is very easy to get trapped in it. Scientific studies proved that alcohol is increasing female hormones in men. He even looks different, the belly starts growing, the face is changing, becomes more red, his voice becomes thinner. Male infertility is developing. The lunar (feminine) energy is developing. Why does a man do it to himself?

Because he doesn’t know what a man’s happiness is about. He cannot work on himself. He cannot progress. He doesn’t know how. A man’s happiness is to sleep on a firm surface, wake up early, do exercises, take a cold shower, and execute self-discipline in every aspect of his life. His wife will love him more. It will be easier to live with him. He will become successful in life. He will have many children if desired. Because when a man behaves like that the power of his sperm is increasing. He becomes a real man.

When a man executes austerity, works on his self-development, the Sun energy (masculine) is increasing. His willpower is mounting. He becomes very determined. He becomes very active. The overall energy is increasing. Self-discipline is developing.

It is very easy to check if a man has self-discipline. Does he react on woman’s emotions or not?

A man perceives this world with his mind (reason).

A woman perceives this world with her heart (feelings).

We do not understand each other. When a real woman is faced by a man who teaches her how to live, she doesn’t pay attention to it; she tries to calm his mind with her warm heart, with her kindness and love.

A real man stays calm when the woman goes crazy. He simply waits until she becomes calm again. He is patient. But he has to have his masculine strength.

A masculine strength doesn’t mean to think about a woman 24 hours, about having sex with her. It should come like an award. A man doesn’t have to become a doormat.

It is a very complicated topic. But it is the base. If a person doesn’t understand it they will never become successful. They will never understand the destination.

A man’s character develops trough austerity, willpower, determination, endurance, and patience. A woman’s character develops trough kindness, softness, care, compassion, humility, tenderness, and attentiveness.

A man’s character also develops through responsibility, desire to work on his self-development, desire to progress spiritually. A woman’s character also develops through faithfulness, ability to forgive and build relationships with others. Her character is also developing through ability to feel or ability to deeply understand others by her heart. This way a woman finds her to way to grow spiritually.

This knowledge is very important. It gives us understanding in which direction to progress and become happy.

This article was written inspired by Oleg Gennadyevich Torsunov  – one of my favorite Vedic Teachers.   


I am wishing happiness to you!