If we look on the translation and the origin of the word: “ to inspire “ in Latin, we will see the original meaning of it – “to breath in air”. To inspire a man means to “breath in” the desire into him. The desire to grow, develop, willingness to work, earn money, the desire to get married, buy a house, the desire to have children, the desire to be faithful to his wife, and so on… Very many women think about the question of inspiration of their beloved husband. We think about how to inspire him to buy flowers, pay compliments and give gifts – not just on holidays but on ordinary days as well. We are dreaming about him doing home from work and suddenly, remembering us going into a flower shop to get a beautiful bouquet to surprise us…

Is this possible? Of course! With any man! Absolutely!

I used to hear the excuse of some men, saying “I do not give flowers to women out of principle.” Why – they could not explain. After time I have realized that they were not inspired by these women. In the soul of every man lives a romantic, even in the most serious man, even in the businessman, even in the most masculine man. To make a woman happy – that is the natural instinsct  that controls each man! A male can not do anything for himself, he does not experience this pleasure, because his emotional field is not as wide as female’s.

The emotion of a woman – that’s what excites the mind of a man, and kindles the inner fire. Emotion – it is the energy at which a man rides. The phrase “I do not give flowers to women out of principle” is just said by men who were never inspired. Those who are not yet lucky enough to meet their one true woman in their life!

In fact, the question of inspiration is not as complicated as it may seem at a first glance. Through personal experience, I have identified several issues that a woman needs to comply to inspire her dear husband!

  1. To be beautiful
  2. To be inspired by herself
  3. To give a man pleasure
  4. To give a man positive emotions, to be a SOURCE of HAPPINESS
  5. Do not perform any man’s job and do not develop man’s qualities

1. Beauty

Beauty is a great power, which is very inspiring for a man. Appearance – is the first thing a man looks at when he meets a woman. If the appearance does not intrigue him, the man does not want to deepen the relationship. One of the greatest honors and duties of a great woman is to be beautiful. Without this inspiration won’t work. A female beauty is very inspiring for a man. It is very difficult to be a couch potato next to a home goddess and quite uncomfortable to be a parasite with a friendly wife, wearing jewelry and beautiful hair at home.

To inspire a man – a woman should become a Muse. Are Muses grouchy, grumpy, nagging, touchy-feeling and wearing sweat pants and old stretched T-shirts at home? Most likely not. On the contrary, the Muses are very beautiful creatures, very smiling, very in love with the one whom they inspire, very trusting in him. They know how to enjoy life very well! Enjoy the aroma of scented soap, enjoy savoring the sweet cherry from the top of a cake, and enjoy the kisses and the warm wind. There is so much beauty in your life… that can be enjoyed! A Muse constantly refills herself, soaking up the beauty of the world through the enjoyment of it…

An energy-filled woman, beautiful and happy, is easily able to inspire a man to the heroic deeds, while nothing special is done! She is just next to her man!  She is in love with him and the beauty of the world. She just is. Everything else he will do himself..!

It is not possible to inspire a man with tears, blame or grudges. This behavior can only encourage his desire for a divorce! Sometimes women get what they want with such a crude behavior and by manipulating their men but it is only temporary. Men can not stand begging and weeping. They will buy anything or agree with anything just to calm us down. Is there any value? No… But when you inspire him with your beauty it brings quite another feeling..

2. Inspire yourself with yourself

A woman should be inspired by herself. She should be interested in and with herself, she should be involved in exciting activities and hobbies. Just be sure the activities are for women! 🙂 If you do not know how to enjoy yourself, do not know how to be happy and to entertain yourself, for example: dance, meditation, walks, girls nights out, crafts party, how then do you generate the energy of inspiration for your beloved husband..?

3. Give your man pleasure

The pleasure between a man and a woman can be on two levels: soft spiritual and physical. Physical means physical contact, such as sex, massage, touch. The soft spiritual is a smile, kind words, positive emotions, happy laughter, flirting.

Some women complain that their men are “concerned” about sexual matters, they always want more sex. And if they do not have sex as often as they want they start to be needy. This can occur when a wife does not give pleasure to her husband on a soft spiritual level. A man needs fuel in the form of female energy. But you can get it in different ways, not necessarily through sex. A woman can fuel a man through a kiss, kind words, soft touch, a warm smile, accepting and supporting words, through listening and so on..

But if a woman is not inspired by herself, and if her woman’s center is blocked, she doesn’t have anything to give to her man. She always feels tired and she doesn’t enjoy life…  It is necessary to increase the female hormones in her body through performing the female chores, through having some sweets, through contact with her Goddess and wearing feminine clothes, as well as through filling her inner self with positive emotions from contemplation of beauty.

  1. Give a man positive emotions, to be his SOURCE of HAPPINESS

A wife should be a source of joy for her husband, a source of good news. It forms in the subconscious of a man that the most pleasant associations are connected with you, and then he will always strive to be with you, as a source of limitless warmth and light. Try not to tell him bad news, do not overload  him with your frequently changing moods. Yes, a woman has the right to be heard by her man, to be comforted by him, but do not go too far. In this world there is already so much negative information, so many difficult problems faced by men outside their homes. So at home they just hope to relax and rejuvenate and obviously a sad and dissatisfied face of a wife won’t do anything good.

Even when the whole world is sharing bad things. He hears only pleasant things out of your mouth and inspiring words! Can you imagine how precious of a jewel you can be in this situation for your man..?

A mind of a man is very important. For him to come home after work and see his beautiful smiling wife, speaking sweet words (even if it was late) will be a sanctuary of peace. A gentle look from his loving wife, one gentle touch, a good kind word can shoot all his anxiety and fatigue away and give him peace and happiness. A man will have a subconscious desire to return home, where he is welcomed with love and peace.

Offer your husband a 15 minute foot massage or shoulder massage first thing when he comes home from work and you will see how fast you can help him to relax and create a miracle.

  1. Do not perform any man’s job and do not develop man’s qualities 

To be a wife-inspiration you should avoid any activity contrary to your femininity. Well, for example, a woman asked a man to move a heavy piece of furniture. But a man has “an unspoken rule “- not to immediately respond to any request by a woman. First he needs to get out of his thoughts, ponder the words of his wife, to take a decision to complete the case, and only then carry out the order. A man rarely immediately runs to do what he is asked, and that’s fine. But we, women want everything immediately. So a wife asks but a husband continues to click the remote on the TV. She asks for the second time, and the third, but no response. And there are two versions of events.

The first option: unladylike. Go and do it yourself – move the heavy peace of furniture and after be sure to throw a scowl at her husband what a parasite he is, or just silently or loudly take a grudge towards him and walk the whole day gloomy as a dark cloud.

The second option: feminine. After expressing a request to her husband, leave it to him to consider it. Do not beg him every five minutes, just go do your own business… Sooner or later, the man will move the piece of furniture. It might take several days. You know, when do men move? In two ways. The first, and it should always be: when they want to! And second, when they are forced… The woman commands the request and leaves. If a man is going to perform it right away, he would feel weak. “He was forced to.” So he’s taking his time. As if she forgot about the request, and he decided to move the furniture himself, and went and moved. Here they are our men, and it is necessary to know and respect their nature.

So the first option – to do things yourself are contrary to the feminine nature, and therefore do not cause an inspiration in men.

If you want to prove something to your man in front of him and do the work yourself, you will only prove that you are a strong independent woman.. You can do an excellent job yourself, and you do not need a man. But in the second option a man will gladly take care of it and help, because in front of him – a weak, vulnerable, helpless  creature. Of course, he thinks it ! We, as women, know that when a man is not at home, we easily move the furniture ourselves. But when a man is at home, he should not even admit the thought that you are able to do a man’s job. The more feminine you are to him, the more he is inspired to be courageous!

Maria Mavela

The article translated by me  and taken from the course : ” How to see your Prince in your husband?”.  Pleas read this and use this information for your own benefits! I am wishing you Happiness and LOVE!!!!! I am sending the light from my heart to yours!

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