We are stepping into one of the most marvelous times of the year – the anticipation of Christmas and New Year! Christmas and New Year miraculously follow Thanksgiving; these holidays are about love, forgiveness, and acceptance, giving and receiving. This time of the year everybody wants to believe in his or her dreams again. And that is so amazing!!!  We are hoping to leave the unfortunate things in this year and start a new year with love, more luck, joy and abundance. It is time to resume our life, to plan on starting new things. Maybe for some of us women, to open ourselves to Femininity. Create new affirmations for the upcoming year. Believe that you deserve to have an amazing and fulfilling life! Because a new life starts with having new thoughts and beliefs.

While decorating for the Holidays

This time of the year we especially surround ourselves with beauty. This time of the year we are allowed to step into a different magical world. We are allowed to create a fairytale!!! We are doing it for our children, for our spouses, but we are also doing it for ourselves. We all have an inner child deep down inside. This time of the year makes connecting to our inner child very easy and natural. It brings memories about how we celebrated Christmas when we were little, happy and full of joy!

Decorating and design is a sphere where feminine energy thrives

Decorating and design is a sphere where feminine energy thrives. Any type of decorating. If you are feeling disconnected to your feminine side – just looking through the pages of a beautiful design magazine can make you feel feminine and inspired again! Buying flowers for yourself, arranging a bouquet and putting them into a beautiful vase can make you feel harmonious and calm again. Decorating for Christmas and New Year is such a good excuse for some women who are not normally allowing themselves to spend money and time on things that are not practical.

Surround yourself with beauty, it is very important for a woman. Surround yourself with colors, textures, objects, and lights you like. You deserve it!

Allow yourself to create a fairytale in your own home!

If you feel like life was difficult lately – try to avoid dark colors of clothes and in interiors, surround yourself with lighter and warm colors. Everything, which is external, becomes internal. Having beautiful clothes and a beautiful home is very fulfilling for a woman.

Create beauty around yourself – it will flourish in your inner world and on your face. When a woman creates something, her thoughts and energy focus on her creation. She dissolves herself in the creation of her masterpieces. She creates beauty. She fills her home with love. She experiences positive, soothing emotions and everything evolves with soft and comfortable energy for everyone.

One who controls the mind controls their life!

Decorating is such a marvelous way of controlling our mind and bringing positive vibrations in our places where we live. It is one of the honors and duties of a woman – to create a peaceful, beautiful and welcoming home. So everyone who enters your home would feel peace, love and bliss. There is so much good that can be harvested in a simple decorating for the Holidays. So indulge yourself in it! Be creative! Experiment! Have fun! Get connected to your feminine side!

I am wishing Happiness to You!

PS: Silver leaf wood dear and a pink tree are in my bedroom )) love it soon much! Thank you dear Heidi for the gifts! ) Two charming Chandeliers are my inspiration for my future decorations. And a small tree is my decoration on the kitchen area.  Breakfast is so yummy and festive even if the sky is grey ))))!!!