My husband and I had a mini – vacation in Park City, Utah. It was a corporate leadership retreat. We stayed in an absolutely amazing place in Dear Valley, Utah in the mountains. And we are feeling very thankful to be a part of the retreat. Everything was so beautiful! Polite personnel, classical soft music, elegant furniture, white crisp napkins. Quietness. Tranquility. Peace. Slow pace. These kinds of words are crossing my mind.

I am recalling a few things… Bright sun shining at me through the majestic trees. I feel how the sun is kissing my face, my cheeks… Fresh, mountain air is filling my lungs. I feel at peace. I am with a man who loves me the most. I am happy….

I absolutely love December!!!! Simply because everybody becomes a little bit softer and a little bit more kind, more receptive and open. Even men!!!!

Everybody wants to believe in miracles and goodness again!

This month is going to be magical! This month I have been focusing on my health. And I am feeling better!!! Healing is coming! I feel more space in my belly. I am full of hopes to be completely healthy and come back to my vibrant health.

Louise Hay writes: “ Create your own safe and reliable world. The only power, which can break your world can be your own thoughts!” This very deep thought penetrates me. This is exactly what I need.

My mantra for this month is: “I am always safe! All is well.”

Here is the meditation, which deeply resonates with me this holiday season.


The world around me is filled with all-embracing love, the same all-embracing love fills my heart, but sometimes I forget about it. Sometimes I start to think that love is not as all-embracing at all or doesn’t exist. In these moments temporary love is filling my heart not having an exit and overfills my heart. At these moments I am just afraid to let love go out and express myself. But then I begin to realize that THE MORE LOVE I GIVE, THE MORE I GET IN RETURN.

After all, love is infinite in the space and time. Love indeed is the most powerful healing force, which we have in the world. Without love, a person generally would not be able to survive. It contributes to our healing, it heals our wounds. So – my love is truly boundless – I GIVE LOVE AND ACCEPT LOVE WITHOUT ANY RESTRICTIONS!