In the Vedic culture, women had always been very honored. Everything was starting with the birth of a girl. In Sanskrit ” DEVA ” ( a girl, a woman) means DIVINE.  It was believed that a girl was born already perfect, and her most important task was to preserve her purity. In this case, the girls were believed to be initially by nature much closer to God than boys because girls were woven out of service. The purpose of a Woman is service. It was like this in all traditional cultures and in some cultures it still is. There are cultures where children wash the feet of their mother, where a wife is cherished and protected from any problems…

There are even a few facts about women’s nature, as described in the Vedas.

  • Women are 6 times stronger emotionally than men
  • A woman’s mind is 9 times stronger than a man’s
  • A woman is made up of service – she always wants to help someone
  • A girl has an enormous power – the power of chastity that can resist all kinds of evil eyes
  • Life starts inside of a woman.

This does not mean that women are better than men. This means that we are given the skills necessary to perform our role. A Man doesn’t need such powerful emotions – when he hunts he needs to be emotionless to prevent a fatal mistake because of excitement, hesitations or even mercy. Also, he does not need such a depth of mind because then he will doubt everything all the time.

For a woman in her initial duties and responsibilities, these qualities are very important. Emotions help her raise the children and adorn herself and her home. A deep and flexible mind helps a woman to find a way into a man’s heart. And so on.

Nowadays everything is not so favorable for women or men also.

The word “woman” in recent years is almost an insult. Mothers are afraid that their daughters will be just wives and mothers. We all encounter patronizing “well, what can you do? You’re a woman.” When hiring many bosses prefer to hire only men still. And so on.

This kind of approach raises a storm of protest in us women and we are fighting for our rights. BUT!!!! We do NOT understand what rights we need.

It doesn’t make a woman happy working 8-10 or even 12 hours a day.

The right to vote did not bring any happiness either, nor the right not to have children, not to get married, not to do housework. All of these women sought to prove something to men. But somehow, it didn’t make women happy …

It is also difficult to call men happy nowadays. Because now to be a head of the house and a leader they have to compete and fight not only with the outside world, but also with their own wife.

A man has to fight and prove that he is more important and better. It’s complicated, and in this kind of fight there is NO winner. In any case, both lose.

What are the reasons and why are things this way nowadays? And what is it that really can make a woman happy? 

A woman is born already perfect

Remember the little girls – they are absolutely unselfish, feeding toys and teaching their dolls the alphabet. They play as mothers, teachers, doctors – their entire DNA is penetrated with the idea of ​​service.. They are very affectionate and give a lot of love. They have a very rich imagination; they agree easily with people. They are very straightforward and clean. They are happy. Then after a certain age, when they begin to be educated and prepared for the modern world, they find out the world is an ocean of pain, in which it is necessary to survive.

In ancient times, everyone knew that a girl was born perfect. Nobody was trying to remake her… She had been taught to accept her nature of femininity. Little girls were very much praised, even pampered. At the same time they were developing their natural talents. They were dressed up and paid a lot of compliments. And so the girls learned to maintain their self-esteem.

Nowadays everything is different. Women do not realize their original fullness, so all the time they are trying to develop something , working on themselves in a manly way. They set goals, plans, objectives, and go to them, training commitment, willpower, determination.  These qualities are essentially masculine.

Everything starts in childhood. When, instead of praising her daughter and pampering, a mother forces her to learn mathematics, physics or chemistry. When the daughter wants to help her mother to do some house chores, she is being estimated very strictly: “ The washed floor still has stains. The cup is still greasy. ”

Since childhood we absorb the idea that we are imperfect. And that it would be better if you were born a boy. Or sometimes that would be better if you were not born at all, because you are nothing but trouble. And there is so much for you to learn. And the most important thing – you have to remake yourselves at any cost and become valuable. Does it sound familiar to you?

And so we go out into the world thinking that we need to be smart and read a lot of books. It is even better to gain a doctors degree in quantum mechanics. We think that we have to be strong and determined; to be realized in business. We have to be tough and sometimes brutal. We think that we need to go over the heads of men and manipulate them, because they only bring pain and they are so unreliable.

Our original feminine nature disappears. Now we have a generation of women who do not like to cook, who do not dance, do not sing, and do not like to have many children. But they like to build businesses and earn money. Are we happy?

There are two extremes in the life of a woman

 First extreme – very often, we are seeking something, climbing the ladder, but when we climb to the top, we understand that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall. The same thing happens when we are trying to develop as women. If we move, work on ourselves, then sooner or later we get the result. But if our ladder will be next to the wrong wall, this result will bring only pain and disappointment.

The girl, who was brought up as a boy, there are two main scenarios of her life. She becomes a “man.” Develops the masculine qualities of character, reaches goals and sooner or later comes to the idea of emancipation. Those women consider men as a worthless creation. They eventually come to the idea that a woman can do anything by herself and there is no need for a man at all.

Second extreme – when a woman gives up. She doesn’t want to live as a man but also she can not live as a woman. She chooses the life of a victim. For instance, a victim of an alcoholic husband. A victim of domestic violence. A victim of her own parents or girlfriends. She doesn’t have any self-esteem. She doesn’t know how to say “no” to things she disagrees with or to say “yes” to things she would like. She was suppressed in her childhood so much.

The first and second extremes have the same nature.

This is the failure to understand her own true nature and her value. Women may not be better or worse than men. We’re just different, we have different functions and tasks in life.

God created us women and gave us a valuable gift. But for some reason we do not consider our femininity as a valuable gift and we treat it (our true nature) horribly.

We ignore it; we put it into a far corner, if not to break it. After all, our unique features can be realized only when we follow the path of our true nature.

Imagine that you have a boat, and you need to reach a certain destination. And if you float it down the river, then you will be moving very quickly. But how about if you decide to go your own way – and left it to walk on land? You have several options – You can go by feet and put the boat on the back of your shoulders, then it is hard and uncomfortable. Or you can throw the boat away – and go wherever you want and very fast.

Similarly, a woman who is walking a “man’s path” will always feel miserable, as if she is caring a boat on her shoulders.

But there is a third option. Even if we were brought up wrong, even if we were not praised and not spoiled, but rather gouged and criticized, we have a choice. The choice is to realize our nature and begin to follow it!

A woman who understands her own nature!!!


As soon as we realize our true nature – we already cannot go back, we will be proud of our destiny – the whole world will change. When we treat ourselves with dignity (not pride!!!!) people will treat us differently.

And we ourselves will not be able to treat ourselves as second-class passengers any more. We will select friends; we will select our husbands from fine men or help our current husbands see us for who we truly are. Then we are able to set the boundaries of our families to ensure that they do not use us. And only then we will be able to give something to the world.

What can we give? The most valuable thing – our true selves.

A Woman with dignity can be happy. And this happiness, like a magnet attracts people to her. The great men come into her life, because they like to be close with the sun. Lots of friends come – in fact she has something to share with people. Children bloom next to a feminine mommy – they see that adult life is full of happiness and love.

A man has an authentic desire to make this kind of a woman even happier. He wants to “move mountains for her”. He is inspired by her happiness and light. She already knows how to be happy!!!

This woman can make anybody happy who is near her. When you’re full, you easily share happiness – because you have a lot of it.

You only need to make one right choice – you need to take a heavy boat from your shoulders and place it into the river and the river itself will flow with you to your destination freely and very fast!!! The river itself will carry you towards love and happiness!!!

Everything starts at the point when you realize that you were born already perfect. And all you need – is to remember how it was. Remember your purpose – the purpose of a Woman!

translated by me for my blog readers!

Olga Valayeva