We are coming to the end of 2014. The year is ending. December represents the closing of the cycle. I am very into the cycles of life. Everything has the beginning and the end. And sometimes and in the most life situations we need to clean the space for new things to come in.  We need to let go of things which do not serve us any more.

This month we are summarizing our life and we are becoming aware of what doesn’t serve us any longer. Sometimes our inner voice is very loud and we can see very clearly what we need to get rid of and what we need to let go of… Sometimes our voice is very shy, quiet and insecure.  Especially if we are very busy and instead of being a human being we become a “human doing”. We often ignore this voice completely.

If the voice is clear and loud we start to plan how we can eliminate things which do not serve us any more. We plan on how to realize it so we can allow new, good and beautiful things to come in.

Some things are more challenging to let go of than others. Maybe out of fear. Some are easier. Practicing yoga tremendously helps to train your own awareness and your own inner teacher. Yoga helps to face your fears and meet your true self. And over time you can allow yourself to let go so that new, good and beautiful things can come in, what ever needs to come in can come in.

I am inviting you to exhale 2014 and inhale 2015!

I am inviting you to clean the space in your heart for more love, kindness, gratitude and joy!

I am inviting you to clean your house! throw away everything you do not use any longer and everything that doesn’t bring any vibrant or positive emotions in you!

Find somebody who needs those things, there is always a person who is in need and might be very grateful for the things you are not using any longer! Share!

Keep in mind that your house is a continuation of your energy body and every little thing is taking up the space and carrying a certain energy! Be mindful!

Let go of anger so you can be filled with LOVE!

Let go of doubts so you can be certain!

Dive into the ocean of self-love in 2015!

Welcome 2015!

Happy Happy Happy New Year!