There are 4 levels (physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual) of progress in which we, as human beings, need to always develop and strive for growth. In our situation a Vedic psychologist Olga Valyaeva offered to consider those 4 levels on developing our femininity:

First level – physical. What does it mean to be feminine on a physical level? It means to NOT wear any men’s clothes. To look like a woman even if somebody is looking simply at our back. So there would never be a question in someone’s head if we look like a man or a woman from any angle!  Let’s groom ourselves! Adorn ourselves! Wear accessories at home for our husbands or boyfriends! (Usually we do it only when we go out or special occasions.) Let’s take care of our health, eat healthy and exercise regularly!.

Second level is an emotional level – listen to each other, understand each other. Consider that we are all different and see greatness in it. Let’s spend time learning each other. Spend time on learning ourselves, learning our own needs. Spend time on understanding ourselves when we feel emotional and know how to release our emotions without any harm to others. Let’s read books on psychology, listen to webinars. Acknowledge our emotions. Be proactive and eager to learn.

A woman needs to be an expert in relationships. We need to learn how to express our emotions so our men would understand us. We need to learn how to help our men when they are feeling down and emotionless but still need to be heard and to be understood. And also when a man feels very emotional – we need to know how to calm him down and comfort him.

Third level is an intellectual level. Here we can learn how to hold a household, how to create very comfortable and welcoming home – our harbor and sanctuary. How to live on money our husbands make? How to cook very well and different ? How to be a good mother? How to have a conversation with our husbands on the subjects, which are interesting to them? How to be interesting and full of knowledge about people? How to inspire? How to support and love? How to learn an art of massage?!!! 🙂


The forth level is a spiritual level – This level is for everyone (for men and women). As women we can develop our femininity and become closer to God through a prayer or a meditation. Instead of worrying about our children we can pray. Instead of spending time being anxious we can learn how to meditate and trust the Universe! On this level we can learn how to volunteer ourselves to serve others. Service is in our DNA. Helping others connects us to our feminine side better than anything else. “Being a Mother” in every situation can help others to overcome their weaknesses and show their strength. To encourage others.

In this article I want to bring your attention that we all have already developed on all 4 levels. Some are developed more on some levels while others are better developed on the other levels. And for some women going and getting a pedicure or buying an expensive dress for themselves is not less important than learning how to pray….

We might be very knowledgeable, spiritual but never could spend any money on ourselves, we never could get in touch with ourselves on a physical level and never actually took care of our body…

It could be a revelation for us to realize that it is okay to spend money and time on ourselves!!! WE ARE worthy!!! It is okay to learn how to love ourselves!

While for other women the revelation would be on how to learn to serve our husbands and trust their decisions! Serving is an honor and it brings us happiness because serving is the same as sharing the light….

I am wishing Happiness to You!