Today I will be talking about how we block our ability to feel happy on our own and by ourselves. By rejecting life! Instead of looking at EVERYTHING from state of ACCEPTANCE, we are cultivating the state of rejection or neglecting….

 Why do we do that?

Because this is how we were taught by our parents and society. “Do not touch this! This is bad! Do not be friends with this girl, she is from a troubled family or neighborhood.”   We are taught that there are bad and good things, black and white! But life is so much more than just simply black and white!!! We do not have to live the life of a tunnel! It has hundreds of hues of color and hundreds of choices!!!!! There is abundance of everything in this Universe and we just need to see how lucky we are to be simply alive and breathing!!!!

Today I will be talking about 3 Magical States of mind (developed by Ada Kona) that we as women need to try to cultivate to be very very happy! They are interconnected. Even when we experience a bad day… Those states are:

  1. Relaxation or being at ease
  2. Acceptance
  3. Trust


The first state is a state of being relaxed, being at ease. Why is that so important? Because when we are in the state of constant business or stress we cannot make right decisions or right choices. We cannot hear our inner voice when it is too loud. We lose our ability to get connected with our higher place within us, with our own “Inner Genius”.

If something bad happens, first thing we need to do is to relax and let life take its course… We need to stop and allow things to happen… And then good and right decision will come. As I said earlier the states are connected to each other. The more we can accept and start trusting life the more we can relax naturally. Without any medication, prescription or alcohol.



The second state we need to try to cultivate while living and being is a state of acceptance.

What does it mean to accept? It means not to fight life, not to reject, not to neglect ANYTHING. Embrace EVERYTHING!

For example, if we take a look at a woman’s reproductive organs, we will see that they were physically formed in a way that she has to accept a man. Allow him to enter into her world. Allow him to enter into her body LITERALLY, allow him to enter into herself. A wise Nature has created our bodies anatomically differently for a reason. The better a woman can trust and relax in her own bed the better her sex life will be! But what about our men? They need to erect physically to be successful in bed. They need to look, focus or concentrate to be able to have sex. But a woman just needs to trust and relax. A woman’s organs are created to receive and a man’s are created to give. Don’t we all just need to trust our Nature and live our lives from the state of acceptance? This was just an example of how we as women were created. To perform our own mission in life, to accept and to trust.

And again we can see that the more a woman can relax, the easier it is for her to accept and open up.

Relaxation, acceptance and trust are interconnected. And they are very natural to a woman.

It is very important not just to achieve those states temporarily but live in the states consistently! We need to learn back how to trust our nature so we can enjoy all the beauty and resources of our material and energy worlds.



If we look around or even at ourselves, we will see that majority of people live in the state of rejection. People live in the state of rejection, fighting with themselves, rejecting their own bodies, their own weight. Fighting with external events, with their bosses, fighting internal events – rejecting their own parents or siblings. Fighting with parents and siblings.

Very often people complain about the weather or politics, other things they do not have control over. They complain about things, which are completely outside of their “Circle of Influence”. Talking about bad weather or politics people move the focus from their own life to the things they cannot change so they can avoid responsibility for the quality of their own life and their own happiness!!!! They might say: “ I am not happy because I live in the wrong country! Or I am not happy because my boss is a jerk. Or I am not happy because my wife is selfish or my husband is too lazy.”. They always find somebody who they can blame.

Instead of try and simply trust life and enjoy it fully!

Our main focus always should be on our own life and the life of people who we CAN help and make difference in their life! We should always work towards how to expand a “Circle of our Influence”.

What does it mean to trust life? It simply means to relax and start accepting things happening in life, make the right choices and start taking full responsibility for your own actions, thoughts and emotions. To live a life from a state of ACCEPTANCE and a CHOICE.

A woman has come into this life with one very important and karmic task – to learn how to trust. To learn how to trust a man.

And when a woman learns how to trust, her mission will be fulfilled and the Universe will make her life very easy, she will receive lots of gifts from unexpected places or people. She will receive the gifts from life!!

Because a woman gets everything she believes in in her life. And if she believes in her husband he will “move the mountains” for her…

Maintaining to live in the states of relaxation, acceptance and trust are extremely important for a resourceful and happy state of a woman. Verses the states of fear, doubt and mistrust.

What ever we are thinking, we are attracting in our lives, whatever we are feeling we are projecting on others….

We are in charge of our own emotions and we can make a choice towards a better and happier life!

I am wishing Happiness to you!