The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energy lies within each one of us. This is the marriage, the union between two energies. Yin/Yang.

The greatest relationship we can have with ourselves…

To understand what is the divine feminine is we need to understand what the divine masculine is…

The Divine Masculine

The Divine Masculine is about leading and  protection. It is the warrior not only for your family or for one who you love but also for the community. The Divine Masculine is about uplifting of all the humanity. It is about opening up to the divine feminine too.

Right now on the planet we see that there is imbalance in the energy scales. It is very yang. People have become hard-hearted and insensible.

The masculine energy is wonderful, the masculine energy is direct and straight to the point, full of testosterone .

But what makes the divine masculine DIVINE is the ability for men to tap into divine feminine. Because the two are related. They are interchangeable.

A lot of poets and artists gather the inspiration from that hidden side of themselves of the divine feminine. So as more men tap into the feminine which is yielding they more become empowered.  Then men become better artists, better poets, better musicians. They become better lovers…..

Without a woman a man doesn’t have emotions. He has basic, simple emotions. A woman on emotional scale is 6 times more powerful!!!!!    That’s why a man always subconsciously  looking for a muse. That’s why  sometimes a married man is looking for another woman not just for sex as society represents it or thinks about it but to be inspired, to feel alive!!! to experience the variety scale of emotions. Because without a woman he simply can not do that.  He can not live life fully without the inspiration…. He always feels that life is just passing by…. A man needs a woman to nurture him, to pour energy into him…. A man will never leave a nurturing wife….because she is his muse!!!!!

The Divine Feminine

The divine feminine in its truest form can inspire the whole world in simply a second , in just a click. The divine feminine is about helping men rise to their highest nature. It is about nurturing the children of the world because the one who rocks the cradle controls the nation. The divine feminine is about embracing the beauty. And it is also about connecting or reconnecting to the divine masculine. And all of women who do that are super powerful. You’d better watch out because they are the warrior princesses. The warrior queens. It is not they because they have enormous sensitivity but at the same time because they have a warrior spirit activated within themselves. They are the prefect fusion of the right brain chemosphere. The right brain is about creativity and the left-brain is about logic.

Everything that woman does is in response to a man. Everything the man is in response to a woman. We have to see that there is no war between gender because gender is an illusion.

The divine feminine has the powers to open up even the most closed heart.  Sometimes we see a woman and in our hearts amusement arises ( in our hearts we feel “Awe ”, “Wow” ) . Her presence is full of light, and it is not about physical beauty. It is about beauty from her eyes, and from her heart, her kind and welcoming smile, her soft, calm, almost serene voice….. She is very in touched with her feminine side. She is the Goddess. She has a true beauty. She might be not aware of her powers at all.

We, women do not see that vulnerability is tremendous gift. Let’s have a look at a rose flower. The rose is not afraid to bloom  and we are admiring it!  A rose is not afraid to bloom in her maximum beauty to open up completely…  Why we, women are afraid to open up and bloom? Why are we afraid to bloom to our highest potential? Why do we choose a mediocre jobs and ignore our talents???? Every woman has many talents she is not  aware of because she simply doesn’t have time…. she is sooooooo busy with the kids, her job,  fulfilling the society expectations…. She doesn’t know what she is capable of!!!!

Embracing your femininity is not about competing with other women. It is about forming the sisterhood of happy, feminine, stress – free!!!  women, to see that it is very important.

If you were born as a woman – it is enough!!!!!! you do not have to become someone!!! You do not have to study for 9 years of disciplines you do not like to become a doctor or climb the corporate ladder for years and then when reaching the top realize you have cancer or simply empty inside and not happy. You have all possible society rewards but you are not happy!!!!   YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THAT!!!!

you can choose to change today! Start to do what you like!!! Invest your time and money in something  authentic that makes you happy!!!! Even if you start to do it 30 minutes each day….

You are unique the very moment you were born! You are special!!! You are very special!!!

A woman’s body was created the way that in between her legs she has “a space “ to bring LIFE from the unseen realms to the seen realms. These are the deep secrets. If you knew the power of your womb, you would think twice before you let someone inside there.

It’d better be some really special.

Because you have the ability to create life! It is a huge honor.

But! It doesn’t mean that the divine feminine is greater then divine masculine. It is about seeing them complementary. It is about seeing them working in Unison. So men and women could become who they really are. The one.

Men and women surrender to each other.

Right now on the planet men and women are competing with each other. Relationship is about ownership. It is about playing games.

These kinds of relationship block us from our authenticity.

Because it is only when we tap into our authenticity we can blossom.

It is about letting go of our masculine side…. and embracing our feminine….

We, women do not have to be 100% feminine, we still need 20-30% to be masculine so we can  protect ourselves if something happens . We need this wonderful masculine energy to make plans and achieve goals… As well men need to embrace  their feminine side when they need softness or get connected to their creative powers…

It is a perfect union of the divine feminine and the divine masculine.

When we awaken these principles within ourselves we create the perfect equilibrium. We begin seeing that there is more to life. Love takes on the whole new meaning. The divine masculine and the divine feminine step into co –creators as they were designed to be. The become co –creators.

I have written  this article  after watching a video of Infinite Waters on YouTube. How to awaken the divine feminine and the divine Masculine within you. ( We are One.)