Only when we tap into our authenticity we can blossom. Only when we get rid  of our fears and open our minds into direction of our dreams we can start unfolding our true potentials and have a vibrant and fulfilling life full of passion and love. Only then we are getting connected to the Greater Source and we can find talents in ourselves that we didn’t know existed.

We CAN  choose jobs we love!

We CAN  choose to be creative!

We CAN go into direction of our dreams!

We CAN  travel all around the world!

We CAN blossom to our highest potentials!

A rose is not afraid to bloom to it’s highest potential! Why are we afraid? A rose opens up for us completely and we are admiring it! Hold the image of this beautiful rose in your heart and remember that God has created you the way so you can bloom to your highest potentials and discover your uniqueness and your talents!

Open yourself up to your unlimited possibilities! 

You CAN achieve more then you think!


Take a deep breath in and slowly exhale and say: I CAN, I AM…

sit in a complete silence for 2-3 minutes and notice different vibrations in you. These are the sprouts of your creativiness and connection to the unlimited supply. 

During this  express meditation repeat 10 times silently: I CAN, I AM CREATIVE

Welcome a soft smile on your face and open your eyes. 

I am wishing Happiness to YOU !!!!


PS: Please welcome my new painting . Authenticity. If you are interested to have one for yourself please contact me. I would be very happy to paint one for you!