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I am so happy You are here. Welcome into my world. My name is Olya and I am an artist and I teach yoga. I consider myself a light-worker and a mystic,  yes! I believe in mystery that lies beyond all events, all revelations, all transformations  and all our fears and hesitations.

I believe in energy healing, I believe In God. I respect all the religions of the world because I know that any religion is better that nothing… I believe that love heals and only love is real. In any situation where love does not rule, I affirm that only love is real, and I chant it like a mantra.

I choose to be miracle – minded. I feel special mission  on the Earth of simply being a woman, of simply being me. I know I am given the power to turn any situation that is not love back into love, by thinking differently. Where I feel fear, I will choose love. Where I see guilt, I will choose to forgive myself and others. Where I fear lack, I will choose to remember that in God all things are possible.

I know that I am in the beginning of a new journey and I already have met amazing, empowered teachers and I have a transformational story to tell . I am getting ready. I am learning. I am open to new adventures and extravagant paths. I know we, all can be extra-ordinary if we simply start listening to our hearts. And I want to help you to heal. I want to inspire you. I want to share with you my story.  I know, we can be whoever we want to be. Our present is not caused by our past, unless we choose that to be so.  For any given moment, regardless of circumstances, we can choose again. We can choose strength instead of weakness, and love instead of fear.  We can choose to bless instead of blame. The limits of yesterday have no power over unlimited possibilities of this moment.

Yoga has played a huge role in my transformational journey. Yoga changed the way I see myself, my body, my mind and the world around me. It helped me to see what a powerful creator I am. I see the power of nature and the power of my body and it helped me love myself from a whole new angel. Yoga has opened the doors into a whole new “country” named compassion and peace.  With yoga I feel and I know no matter what will happen to me I will be okay…. I know that every experience is a chance to grow and evolve and to be one with the whole – self and reject nothing.

with great love, Olya

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