Embrace Your Femininity


embrace your femininity

Why Do I Want to Protect the Divine Feminine? 


I have been reading and learning more and more about the subject of the Divine Feminine. Meditating…. I have even enrolled myself into a one year program with Sianna Sherman and Ashley Turner, Urban Priestess. Sienna and Ashley are my inspiration and teachers. They are self-made beautiful amazing women and they are successful yoginis. I just felt a strong call in. It was not even a choice. I had to be there. I had to find the money as if it were my mission.

On one of our first online meditations after 5 minutes I bursted into the tears and I was sobbing and weeping. And I do not cry easily. I saw all the scenes from my childhood when my father was very aggressive to us, abusive and it felt like hell! I saw myself as a little girl hiding so I would not get hurt. My mom was crying… My dad was screaming and I remember all the offensive words he was saying to my mom and to us, his daughters. I want to forgive him. I want to let it go. I just do not know how. I know he loves me but i can not talk to him without forcing myself into it.

I still feel that I didn’t forgive him… But I want to and I am working on it.

My father has never told me that I was beautiful and that he loved me until I made him say it last year in an argument. 

He told me that all the boys who liked me were partially gay because I was too skinny to be attractive and I had a flat chest.

He used to say so many offensive things… Without even knowing it. Both of my sisters are broken, work for little money, got married and divorced with very low life men who were addicted to alcohol, gambling, and were very abusive.

How did I become a beautiful woman? It is a mystery. I almost did not have a chance. It is a long story and I might tell it one day.

But for now I do not care what my father says… I know I am beautiful… And I want to help other women to open themselves to their beauty. I learned how to love myself and I am here to share actual steps on how to love yourself and carry your body as a sacred temple. I want to protect women.

Below is a little bit about the Divine Feminine I am trying to reclaim and honor. Maybe you will feel like you also need to heal your wounds. And if you feel it please come!

If you feel like you want to learn a little more about yourself, dig a little deeper into who you truly are as a woman, without a social status, money, degree..

Who are you when you are “naked”?  Who are you when there are no attachments? Without a country, your friends, your family, kids, husband …. WHO ARE YOU? 

If you can not make it but you want to make another time, come and talk to me.

I am here at your service with my open heart.

“At every moment, a woman makes a choice between the state of the queen and the state of the slave girl. In our natural state, we are glorious beings”.

Marianne Williamson

What is your choice?

Maybe it is time to come back to your natural state and begin to shine out. Reclaim your inner goddess. It is there, just waiting for you. Even when you do not feel it. The Divine feminine was suppressed for centuries and centuries. Our mothers did not know how to reclaim their inner goddess and their mothers, and the mothers before them. Some major religions claimed the power of the divine feminine witchcraft and claimed it demonic.


It is time to heal our woundedness and brokenness and instead embrace our wholeness. It is time to transform our woundedness into wholeness.


“We live in a time where the planet is crying for a Divine Feminine, and she is coming. I feel her rising from deep within the earth. I feel her pulsing in my own blood and flesh body. I see her waking up in the eyes of my sisters who are remembering their power and their magic. Everyday I continue to do my practices, gobble my own shadow, and grow more clear and strong in this body-mind vessel. As I step more and more into my wild nature, I grow more fluid and strong, more fierce and open, more loving and more terrifying. The goddess has many faces. She doesn’t need your validation or understanding. She is in nature itself and will not explain herself to you. Worship her! She might bless you or she might destroy. Either way you are lucky, because you will be transformed.

I practice and hold space for the deep planetary shifts that are coming and in many ways are already here. I practice and pray for all my sisters around the globe who have been stripped of their power, abused and degraded. I practice and hold compassionate space for them. “ Sonya Blade

Yours Olya


Understanding Men


“Falling in love for a man takes a million times more energy and resources than just “sex”, that’s why men don’t fall in love just with anyone.” says Renee Wade – an amazing woman and the founder of TheFeminine

I have subscribed to her emails and this morning I found an educational  story in my inbox I must share with you. it is about our favorite subject! Understanding men! is not it? 🙂

She says: “It’s probably not news to you that a large proportion of men out there are looking for sex. (It’s a man’s default “setting”, or his most “primitive” instinct)

Now it’s easy for us women to see that and generalize that men “JUST” want sex…

But that’s completely not true.

The truth is this… men go for their “default setting” because it’s easy and instinctive… but if something triggers them to fall in love, then they will drop their “default setting”.
 So here is the true story as Renee shared with me with her own words:

“Recently, a well known boxer family friend of mine Dayne called me and told me he was ready to pick out a ring for his girlfriend whom he had been with for 8 months.

Because he was always a well known trouble maker and womaniser, when he called me and told me, I almost accidentally spat out the green tea I was drinking, and I froze in surprise.
I’ve known this guy since we were born, practically. I have video footage of him and jumping in a jumping castle, he is wearing little blue overalls, and (giggles) carrying his favorite teddy tucked in to his overalls. He was about 3.

I always make fun of him about this. He hates it.
Anyway, after he called, I had to see him. I hadn’t seen him in roughly a year.

So the next week, we met up to share a burger and chips at a well known place here in Australia.

I walked in, saw him sitting at the table nearest to the entrance and walked up and gave him a hug.

I just stopped in my tracks, I think it took me about a whole minute to finally sit down and stop staring at his eyes.

I must have looked so shocked,like a stunned mullet. He was clearly different. His eyes had this sparkle in them and he seemed drunk. I asked him if he was hungover, after all, I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had said he was.
He said no.
Then this smile spread across his whole face and he said sit down, do you want a drink? I’m like, “no, you have to tell me the reason behind this smile on your face!”
He smirked.
He said, I told you, I want to buy my girlfriend Amy an engagement ring. I need your help. I said fine, but c’mon, what’s happened? I’ve NEVER seen you like this before!
He laughed and said, yeah, that’s what everyone is saying to me. They think I’m pulling a prank when I say I want to buy Amy an engagement ring.
Just then he looked away, called the waiter over and ordered a burger with the lot and a salad on the side.
My friend Dayne is a big guy. 6 foot 2, big arms, 6 pack, good looking and very masculine. Just think somewhere in between Sean Connery and Vin Diesel.

And my goodness, has he been around!

Picking up girls every weekend. He’d have sex with everything from just one woman, to threesomes and foursomes.
He used to have a “girlfriend” who was semi steady. He told her at the start of their little ‘relationship’ “you’re a Monday to Thursday girl.”
She stuck around with him for a while, until, I imagine, she got sick of waiting for him.
Years ago, we use to argue about this promiscuity. I wanted him to find a relationship that was “fulfilling”, but he just kept telling me no girl was worth it. So we agreed to disagree.
I still loved him no matter what. He’s like a brother to me, and if ever anyone was in my way, he’d offer to bash them up.
I once said to him: “you need to find a woman with the whole package. A woman that challenges you, but that also makes you want to take care of her for life.”

He’d always tell me in response “yeah but where the hell do I find a girl like that?!”

I told him to not settle for low quality women. He listened, but I don’t think he understood what I meant.

So as we were waiting for our burger, I looked him in the eyes and said “what has happened! Who is she?”

He paused for what seemed like a minute, with this dreamy look in his eyes. I had to convince myself he wasn’t drunk or hungover.

He finally said: “Renee, no one compares. Every other woman I’ve dated like a piece of s*** on my shoes compared to her.”

“All I can think about is how to put a smile on her face.”

“I hate to say it, but I’m in trouble. I can’t even bear to look at another woman. On Saturday I was out with my mates, watching my good friend inhis first fight, and after the fight was over, girls were practically shovving their breasts in my face and trying to grind on me, and I just wanted to throw up. My best mate punched me one and told me to wake the hell up. And what was wrong with me.”

I remember my mouth opening so wide in surprise, hearing him say this.

Here was my good friend and brother Dayne, a man who had slept with (I’m not kidding), over 200 women, telling me he couldn’t bare to even look at another woman.

Then he said, “I’ve got to find her the perfect ring, which is where I need your advice.”

I’m like “sure, but not until you tell me how this happened!”

So I proceeded to ask him what was it? Was it that his girlfriend Amy waited to sleep with him? Was she just particularly good looking or beautiful or what?

He said “nope. We slept together I think within 2 weeks of meeting. And she’s even a bit chubby.” I said: “so, what makes you suddenly want to marry THIS woman?”

He said, “You know, I’ve had this conversation with myself before. I never thought I’d ever want to marry any woman. The thought of it used to make me think I wouldn’t be able to be a man anymore.But now, all I want to do is marry Amy and take
care of her! Even fighting isn’t that important anymore. I could literally never have another fight in my life, just for her.”

All I could say in response at that point was ‘Wow’.

After all, this was coming from a full on womaniser. Women everywhere hated him.

So I said, well, I am incredibly happy for you!

And then, we sat in silence for a while, and after our meal came and we started eating, I said: “there has to be something that makes Amy different.”

And he said “yeah but I dunno what it is. I didn’t even know I’d be interested in a woman like Amy. When I try to think about why I am so in love with her, I have no idea why.”

Then he said, “but all I can think of is how she makes me feel.”

So I said: “Are you sure you’re not just gonna up and leave her in a few years and start sleeping around again?”

He looked at me, somewhat annoyed, and said; ‘no! Of course not!”

“You know, every other girl I ever had a short term relationship with, or even just had sex with, would go out of her way to try to make me happy and do what I wanted.

They would seem to go back to their lives, but even if I couldn’t see them, I just KNEW they were still hanging around. It’s like they were WAITING for me or something.”

And every other girl I ever had a relationship with, would know I was cheating on her, or know that I was not committed, but still hang around and try to get me to like, I dunno, LOVE them or something.

I nodded, and said I understood, because I saw women around me do this every single day.

And so I kept pressing, I said “ok, but what exactly makes Amy the one you want to be with forever?”

And he said: “I don’t know. I’ve had prettier. But when I’m with her, I just want to look at her. Be with her. There was something about every other girl who had been in my life that I just got totally bored with. We’d go out, and there would be girls hanging off me and I’d talk about how hot all these other girls were around them, and they didn’t say anything or seem to have any fight in them, y’know. They’d act like they didn’t mind.
They’d pretty much hang around in my life, as I said, I think, trying to get me to love them, and if I ever asked them how they were, they’d say: “yeah yeah I’m great!” and I’d say something like: “is everything ok?”

And they’d say: “yeah, everything’s fine!”

But the weird thing was, I knew that everything was fine, but it’s like, they wouldn’t let me in.

But with Amy, she’s completely real.

The one time I stepped out of line with her, I didn’t take her out on a date like I said I would, I didn’t go pick her up for a movie one Saturday night. I was down about losing two fights in a row.

I had done this before to a tonne of women, and they seemd fine with it, some of them just smsed me pestering me about when I was going to be there to pick them up, some of them turned up at the place and waited for me.

With others, I’d email them the next day apologising, and they’d be like that’s cool. And I’d suggest another day, and they’d always say yes.

But the one time I did this with Amy, about 6 months ago when we first started dating, she actually came to my door, and said: “we had a date. Why didn’t you call me? What’s going on? How did the fight go?”

So I said to Dayne, “Oh. Was she a bitch about it all?”

And he said: “nah, but if she was, I wouldn’t have minded.”

I asked him why.

He said: “because, she was standing up for herself. And, at the same time, for the first time, I felt like a girl I dated actually openly showed me that she had emotions, that I had hurt her. It’s like, I dunno, she didn’t pretend everything was ok. She was ok with being a woman, y’know?

I nodded, and smiled at him, with tears in my eyes.

The he told me all he wanted to do was take care of her for the rest of his life.
I looked at him and smiled again.
The he said something very interesting. He said:
“And I guess, that was the first time I’d ever dated a girl that actually cared about ME. She asked about my fight. She showed up at my door.

She wasn’t just there to try to fake her way to a relationship with me. And she cared  enough to be open and real to me about how she really felt about me having stood her up.

She didn’t do what all the others did.

I asked him: “what did all the others do?”

They’d pretty much just shut up and pretend everything was ok, and then go bitch about me to all her girlfriends and my friends behind my back, about how much of a dumb prick I was, and then I’d find out about it a week later, and all the women would start to hate me.

None of the others really felt to me like they were women. They were more like guy friends, sometimes dressed as women.”

He looked down, and as he was eating, he paused, with a look of satisfaction and thoughtfulness in his eyes.

I was deep in thought myself, but eventually I said to him: “she was open to you.

He looked at me, a bit confused at first. He stopped chewing the food in his mouth.

Then he said: “yes”.”

the end of the story.


Renee is offering a beautiful program  of Understanding Men goes over 2 weeks

and as one of  her customers stated… “This is the training that EVERY women needs to go through”.

So if you want to understand everything about what a man is thinking about, feeling about and why he does what he does, then you might want to consider this training. 🙂

I am happily married women and my marriage  is thriving but I am going to consider that program for myself very soon  just to know better to understand my husband better! Why? Because there is no limit in self-development and because our happiness as individuals is self-mastering.  It might help me to understand men in general better, not just my husband but my father, my male friends, any man I will get in contact with!

So here is the link to that program:

3 Magical States Of Mind Of A Woman


Today I will be talking about how we block our ability to feel happy on our own and by ourselves. By rejecting life! Instead of looking at EVERYTHING from state of ACCEPTANCE, we are cultivating the state of rejection or neglecting….

 Why do we do that?

Because this is how we were taught by our parents and society. “Do not touch this! This is bad! Do not be friends with this girl, she is from a troubled family or neighborhood.”   We are taught that there are bad and good things, black and white! But life is so much more than just simply black and white!!! We do not have to live the life of a tunnel! It has hundreds of hues of color and hundreds of choices!!!!! There is abundance of everything in this Universe and we just need to see how lucky we are to be simply alive and breathing!!!!

Today I will be talking about 3 Magical States of mind (developed by Ada Kona) that we as women need to try to cultivate to be very very happy! They are interconnected. Even when we experience a bad day… Those states are:

  1. Relaxation or being at ease
  2. Acceptance
  3. Trust


The first state is a state of being relaxed, being at ease. Why is that so important? Because when we are in the state of constant business or stress we cannot make right decisions or right choices. We cannot hear our inner voice when it is too loud. We lose our ability to get connected with our higher place within us, with our own “Inner Genius”.

If something bad happens, first thing we need to do is to relax and let life take its course… We need to stop and allow things to happen… And then good and right decision will come. As I said earlier the states are connected to each other. The more we can accept and start trusting life the more we can relax naturally. Without any medication, prescription or alcohol.



The second state we need to try to cultivate while living and being is a state of acceptance.

What does it mean to accept? It means not to fight life, not to reject, not to neglect ANYTHING. Embrace EVERYTHING!

For example, if we take a look at a woman’s reproductive organs, we will see that they were physically formed in a way that she has to accept a man. Allow him to enter into her world. Allow him to enter into her body LITERALLY, allow him to enter into herself. A wise Nature has created our bodies anatomically differently for a reason. The better a woman can trust and relax in her own bed the better her sex life will be! But what about our men? They need to erect physically to be successful in bed. They need to look, focus or concentrate to be able to have sex. But a woman just needs to trust and relax. A woman’s organs are created to receive and a man’s are created to give. Don’t we all just need to trust our Nature and live our lives from the state of acceptance? This was just an example of how we as women were created. To perform our own mission in life, to accept and to trust.

And again we can see that the more a woman can relax, the easier it is for her to accept and open up.

Relaxation, acceptance and trust are interconnected. And they are very natural to a woman.

It is very important not just to achieve those states temporarily but live in the states consistently! We need to learn back how to trust our nature so we can enjoy all the beauty and resources of our material and energy worlds.



If we look around or even at ourselves, we will see that majority of people live in the state of rejection. People live in the state of rejection, fighting with themselves, rejecting their own bodies, their own weight. Fighting with external events, with their bosses, fighting internal events – rejecting their own parents or siblings. Fighting with parents and siblings.

Very often people complain about the weather or politics, other things they do not have control over. They complain about things, which are completely outside of their “Circle of Influence”. Talking about bad weather or politics people move the focus from their own life to the things they cannot change so they can avoid responsibility for the quality of their own life and their own happiness!!!! They might say: “ I am not happy because I live in the wrong country! Or I am not happy because my boss is a jerk. Or I am not happy because my wife is selfish or my husband is too lazy.”. They always find somebody who they can blame.

Instead of try and simply trust life and enjoy it fully!

Our main focus always should be on our own life and the life of people who we CAN help and make difference in their life! We should always work towards how to expand a “Circle of our Influence”.

What does it mean to trust life? It simply means to relax and start accepting things happening in life, make the right choices and start taking full responsibility for your own actions, thoughts and emotions. To live a life from a state of ACCEPTANCE and a CHOICE.

A woman has come into this life with one very important and karmic task – to learn how to trust. To learn how to trust a man.

And when a woman learns how to trust, her mission will be fulfilled and the Universe will make her life very easy, she will receive lots of gifts from unexpected places or people. She will receive the gifts from life!!

Because a woman gets everything she believes in in her life. And if she believes in her husband he will “move the mountains” for her…

Maintaining to live in the states of relaxation, acceptance and trust are extremely important for a resourceful and happy state of a woman. Verses the states of fear, doubt and mistrust.

What ever we are thinking, we are attracting in our lives, whatever we are feeling we are projecting on others….

We are in charge of our own emotions and we can make a choice towards a better and happier life!

I am wishing Happiness to you!  


My Real Meaning Of Vulnerability


Today I was approached by one of my readers to write about HOW exactly to be vulnerable.  This woman was concerned that there was a nuisance – being soft but strong.   How can we, women be feminine without men feeling like we are needy…

She compared vulnerability with neediness. It sounds so familiar to me… Some or most of us were taught to be independent, to become someone, to build a career so we can provide for ourselves… But while our mothers and grandmothers were teaching us, they forgot that sometimes when you are becoming someone you are not, you are loosing more than you are gaining. We were taught to make practical decisions and always THINK before we FEEL. We were set on a path where there was no room for our authenticity of a true feminine nature.

But the power of a woman is in her “weakness”.

God built a woman in a way that her heart would always be a priority to her. Life starts within a woman and it is a primary purpose of the woman to feel others, comfort others and to get connected with others starting with our own children. To be able to obtain true bond and inner intimacy with others.

Before we get connected to others we should get connected to ourselves and to our true nature. Before we can understand others we need to understand ourselves.

What does it mean to be vulnerable? I have searched Google for an answer and this is what I found: “Vulnerable – helpless, defenseless, powerless, impotent, weak, susceptible”… Those kinds of synonyms are not quite positive and do not inspire me to be one of them!!!

So I have decided to give this word my own description.

Here it is: being vulnerable means first of all to be OPEN about your feelings and fears and be honest. Being vulnerable for a woman means that she CAN rely on her man. It means that she CAN ask for help.

ASKING for help verses DEMANDING something. Nowadays, women have completely forgotten that there is a huge difference between asking and demanding. When we ask something, we should understand that NO ONE HAS TO fulfill our requests. When we ask someone for help, we should expect a positive or negative answer equally. It should not upset us if we ask our men to buy us flowers or help us with dishes and they don’t. Because if it upsets us it means we are demanding it… It may mean we need to learn HOW TO ASK , how to be sweet and polite, vulnerable and open? Tell them exactly and precisely why it is so important to us and to teach them with kind words.

Being vulnerable means asking for help even if we can do it ourselves. It means learning to perform feminine duties and responsibilities (the ones that were feminine for centuries) and asking for help when the situation needs a man’s hand. It means putting an end to being independent in everything and becoming dependant. And when a man sees that we need protection he will be very happy and willing to provide one.

The reason men do not provide protection nowadays is because we, women have learned all too well how to “lead our ships and become captains”. We need to show our men that we need them. The majority of modern men are insecure and ambitionless because modern women actually do not need them. We do not believe in our men. We do not listen to our men. We consider their business ideas crazy or freaky. We see their weakness and we show it to them! We show them that we see how defective and imperfect they are… Instead of focusing on their greatness and strong features. We compete with them and we win!!! But!!!! It doesn’t make anyone happy!!!!

If we do not listen to our men’s minds, how after all can we expect that they will listen to our hearts and buy us vacations and flowers???? :))))  This will never happen.

It seems to me that we, modern women need to relearn how to respect our men and seek their protection.

Here are some great words on vulnerability and quotes I found during my research:

“Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage.” says Brene Brown

“Vulnerability is not weakness. And that myth is profoundly dangerous.  Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” says Brene Brown

“Vulnerability opens the door to deeper connection to one another.” says Gail Lynn Goodwin

“To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; To make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength. ” says Criss Jami

I am wishing Happiness to You!



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